From the Pastor

Immersed in Worldly Cares

Flavel, 1881
We keep ourselves in such a continual hurry and crowd of cares, thoughts, and employments about the things of the body, that we can find little time to be alone; communing with our own hearts about our great concernments of eternity.

It is with many of us as it was with Archimedes.  He was so intent upon drawing his mathematical schemes that though all the city was in alarm, the enemy had taken it by storm, the streets filled with dead bodies, the soldiers came into his particular house, entered into his study, and plucked him by his sleeve before he took any notice of it.  Even so, many men’s hearts are so profoundly immersed and drowned in earthly cares, thoughts, projects, or pleasures, that death must come to their very house and pull them by the sleeve before they will begin to awake, and come to a serious consideration of things more important — like their eternal soul!

“If you can get along with the world, then you are out of step with God!” 
— Dr. Harold Sightler


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